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I finally watched it and have gotten through Season 1. I know that's really far behind so I don't have anyone to talk to about it who isn't aware of where the show has gone since then. I liked the first 9 episodes, but the 10th one, the season 1 finale, bothered me a bit. I know Jessa is supposed to be adventurous and crazy, but I didn't like the complete shocker of her marrying that yuppie dude, with absolutely no foreshadowing. It just felt lazy, writing-wise.

And I know this is a small thing, but if I fell asleep on the train and woke up in Coney Island at sunrise, with nothing to my name but some wedding cake, my first thought would be finding the police or getting in touch with someone who could pick me up. I would not be sitting on the beach eating cake.

Otherwise, I like the show so far. I like Hannah, I appreciate all the Woody Allen-esque humor.

Date: 2013-05-13 08:22 pm (UTC)
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I thought the first season was better. And there are several things that are not quite believable about the show, but, at the same time, things that seem so true to life. It's an interesting mix. I find almost none of the characters remotely likable, though! More so a couple in the next season.

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When I saw that scene where Hannah falls asleep on the subway, and there's the shot of her little bag, with not much to protect it other than the flimsy chain, I wanted to yell at the tv, "Wake up! Wake up!" But that's me ;)

I agree that Jessa marrying that yuppie (who had been so icky in a recent previous episode) was very much out of left field, even for a character as kooky and free spirited as Jessa. I would have found it more believable if it was just some random guy who hadn't made any previous appearances. But then, how to explain the money factor? That you could pull a shindig together like that on such short notice? Yeah, you need a yuppie for that. Heh.

That's interesting that you consider the humor to be Woody Allen-esque. I can't stand watching Woody Allen be Woody Allen on screen, but somehow, when it's a woman doing it, I'm a lot more ok with it. For example, the character in Vicky Cristina Barcelona who was supposed to be the Woody Allen in that film, didn't bug the shit out of me and I even kind of liked her. However, if it had been Woody himself, I probably wouldn't have even made it through the movie.

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I'm guessing a marriage like that is a worse idea for someone like the guy, who has money to lose! Doubt they had a prenup. But I will keep watching!

I didn't know that most of the actors on this show are children of already famous or very successful people. Phil hasn't been watching with me, but he did catch a little bit, and he said it felt like rich people pretending to be poor. But of course they don't know what that really is like.
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I think rich people pretending to be poor works pretty well here considering that they are Williamsburg hipsters, who already have the reputation of being trust fund babies.

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But they're in Greenpoint, right? I know, same diff at this point.

Date: 2013-05-14 09:14 pm (UTC)
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Yeah, same whatseehoozy. I didn't even realize it was Greenpoint. I just assumed WBurg. And they all shop at Urban Outfitters!!


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