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My birthday was nice, but today I am wiped out. After work yesterday I went out for drinks with a few friends, which was lovely, and then at about 8:30 met my family at Blue Ribbon for my birthday dinner. It took an hour and a half to get a table, which was not surprising to me, since BR doesn't do reservations for groups less than 5 (too bad I didn't think of it last year when Nathan was here). I had only had a martini, but was in "rare form" as my mom would say. While we waited for our table I had a beer and some oysters, which were quite nice. When we were seated I immediately ordered what I had come to BR for -- the beef marrow with oxtail marmalade. It was delicious, but it was intensely rich. They also gave us a complimentary dish of escargots cooked in a very rich dark sauce (which they made the mistake of plonking down in front of my mother, who just about had a fit because she won't eat snails :p). Both dishes were delicious and had a complex combination of flavors. I think maybe though it was too late in the evening to be eating that way, or maybe I had just eaten so decadently all day long (donuts, cupcakes, etc) that there was just no room left. When my main course came out (catfish with mashed potatoes and collards) I could hardly touch it. The collards were more butter than vegetable. Delicious but too much! I had it wrapped up. There was no way I could manage dessert. My mother wanted it though (all she had was a salad and some chicken wings from the pu pu platter -- she's a very picky eater) so we had to watch her eat ice cream with berries while I was just sitting there trying not to barf. They must have overheard us talking about it being my birthday because they brought out a scoop of lemon sorbet for me with a candle in it. That was nice because it gave my family the opportunity to sing happy birthday to me, and I managed a couple spoonfuls, but that was it. I did not feel at all well leaving the restaurant, which I feel bad about since I know the food there is great and for whatever the reason, late hour, pre-dinner cocktails, I was not able to fully appreciate it. In the end I went to sleep and did not yak, which is good, but oy, I feel like I need to fast or at least take a break from solid foods today! Then maybe, just maybe tonight I can attempt to eat my leftovers from last night. :b I also have several cupcakes left from the batch of Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes I brought to work yesterday. They came out amazingly good. Maybe if I avoid food today I can have one later! Ha ha.

I know I didn't post here yesterday but thanks to everyone who conveyed birthday wishes via Facebook or e-mail (or otherwise). :)
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I just wanted to record for posterity that I made the most yummy thing this week, and it ended up being enough for 2 meals. For lunch I had picked up these vegan Thai dumplings they sell in health food stores and delis around the city, but ended up not eating them, so I took them home for dinner. I was craving some real Thai food and wanted to make the dumplings more interesting so here's what I did:

- Chopped and sauteed 1 small shallot (more like one big clove of shallot)
- Added one chopped red bell pepper
- Added one chopped head of bok choy
- Then mixed together a cup of chicken broth (I used Penzey's soup base) and about a 1/3 can of coconut milk (I could only find the full-fat kind. Oh DARN.) with a 1/4 tsp of Chinese chili paste and added that to the party
- Then I added in the dumplings and 1/2 cup of frozen corn and simmered till everything was warm and happy

Not only was it yummy but it was pretty too with all the different colors. Good stuff. Can easily be made vegan too, if you're into that sort of thing.

The day before that I made curry salmon croquettes that were really good too. Go me!

5K baybee!

Nov. 14th, 2008 10:19 pm
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I did 3.1 miles today! Yes it was on a treadmill. With 1.0 incline. But it felt really, really good. So much of what makes it hard is psychological, I think. And having good songs come up on shuffle helps a lot too. I tried to only let myself look at the mileage at the end of each song. Looking at that thing, or trying not to look at it and then seeing you've gone half what you thought you did, can be deadly. But yay! It's a new personal record.

Then I came home and made a quiche with the leftover pie crust from the apple pie I made for my family last weekend. Hey, it evens out! :p

To do this weekend: knit. veg. shop if I feel like it. Make red cabbage dish for the healthy taste fair we're having at work on Monday. And on Sunday, hike Breakneck Ridge!
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Wow, I've eaten quite a lot of random stuff! I may have even eaten some of the things I haven't bolded here and just not remember. Like black pudding and frog's legs -- I have certainly had opportunities to try them, but don't distinctly remember having done so. As for crossing things out...well there's very little, if anything, I wouldn't consider eating at least just to try.

1) Copy this list into your blog or journal, including these instructions.
2) Bold all the items you’ve eaten.
3) Cross out any items that you would never consider eating.
4) Optional extra: Post a comment here at linking to your results.

The VGT Omnivore’s Hundred )
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I don't know about you, but I never seem to tire of watching baby monkeys. I was totally ignoring the zoo guests in my possessed photo-snapping frenzy of the baby colobus monkey, which was posing perfectly with its mommy today.

This baby colobus was born in April. )

Oh, and Tiny Trapeze Truly Chocolate Marshmallows. OMG. It's like fudge and marshmallow fell into a vat together and had beautiful intercandial babies. You want to try them. Like, right now.
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Cookies are amazing.

Think about it. You get together a collection of bizarre ingredients, most of which you would never want to eat by themselves: flour, baking soda, sugar, salt, butter, raw eggs, bittersweet chocolate. But you combine them in the right amounts, in the right order, and you get something utterly irresistable and delicious. There are all kinds of scientific principles going on of course: oils, proteins, the application of heat changing molecular structures. To me, it is less like art, and more like magic, every time.

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I woke up at 6:15 this morning and went on the Downtown Boathouse's weekend/holiday 3-hour kayak trip in the Hudson River. Except it was more like 5 hours. We paddled from 56th Street to just after the GW Bridge. For all my experience kayaking, I had a pretty hard time. Getting there was slow but not bad (we stopped for an hour at a riverside park) but on the way back, the water was choppy and we were going against the current, and I got seasick and had to be towed the rest of the way. Pretty embarrassing. I am so wiped out right now. Paddling wide rivers is not the same as paddling creeks and small rivers, where the current does a lot of the work. And since it was overcast I wasn't as careful applying sunblock as I should have been, and the tops of my lower legs are sunburned. Tingly.

But feeling fuxausted is no excuse to not bake a pie to bring to my aunt and uncle's tonight. I made a peach pie using the recipe from my pie class. It's in the oven right now. I'm pretty proud of myself considering that I still feel like I'm swaying. :b

I really want to be a good kayaker and the only way to do that is to keep trying. But today was so hard, I don't want to think about doing it again. Maybe I should check out the Long Island City Boathouse again; at least their boats are all tandems, which means I'd be sharing the paddling. I'm going to Delaware Water Gap next weekend with Dyanamic Outdoors. I did that same trip last year and remember it being pretty leisurely and not too hard.

Tomorrow is zoo day. Oy, when do I let me take a break?
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A coworker informed me about the squash (zucchini) blossoms at our local farmer's market today. I had to pick some up and recommend that you do the same. :) If you've never had them, squash blossoms taste like flowers that taste like zucchini. They are simply lovely.

I've had them stuffed with ricotta before, but there was a recipe next to the blossoms at the market that I had to try. I added the Green Goddess spices and cut the recipe in half. Read more... )
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Cookies. )

Cure. )

Zoo. )

Andy. )

Kayaking. )

And I still managed to get home before sunset. I love these long days. Happy summer! Happy Solstice!
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At 12:30 pm on a Tuesday, I just discovered that grapefruit juice and lemoncello makes a great cocktail. At times I like this I can't help but feel a great affection for my place of work. :) My boss brought in a vat of salsa dip that her sister-in-law made. It was essentially sour cream and cream cheese with some olives and a little salsa for flavor. It was delicious, and now I feel like spending my lunch break at the gym. :b

Futureheads at Bowery tonight!!!!!! I haven't been this excited for gig since I don't know when!
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I just wanted to share with you my new recipe for the best yogurt flavor ever created.

Start with nonfat Greek yogurt. Add raspberries (thawed frozen organic ones from Trader Joe's is what I used). Add a tablespoon or so of Quik powder. Stir. Add more Quik powder depending on the sweetness of your berries. Enjoy super-yummy chocolate raspberry yogurt. YUM.
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Has anyone ever read the side of a Pret a Manger bag?

Wallies tend to be kind, gentle human beings. They're comfy following the crowd. Wallies are vulnerable to having the wool pulled over their eyes. They enjoy getting lost in malls, they're often late, their time management is patchy, at best. You wouldn't find a Pret in Wallyland. It's a bit too racy. Come on in, Wallies. We welcome you.

Does this make any sense to anyone? Is it a British term? What does it have to do with sandwiches? And doesn't it seem vaguely insulting? Are we Wallies for paying $7.50 for a loosely constructed turkey sandwich?
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I have not done one of these in awhile, but I just had to give a shout out to Trader Joe's dried peaches. OMG. These things are awesome. I will never need gummy candy ever again. Nor will I have to pay umpteen dollars a pound for candied peaches like I did at Russ and Daughters (though I still love that shop). At 99 cents a bag, these delicious, natural, vegan treats are an incredible bargain. They do have sugar added, but they're also packed with fiber and vitamin C. I need to go back and stock up. Score another one for TJ. I give them a 9 out of 10. (They lose one point for coming all the way from China. I'm sure dried Georgia peaches would taste as good.)

Not much else to tell. I did a whole lot of nothing on Saturday. Well, I did watch Fast Food Nation and Accepted -- both decent, interesting/fun flicks (repectively). FFN didn't have any sort of resolution, which was strange. I liked Accepted better than Superbad, which I also watched last week. I've been watching quite a lot of movies lately. Then on Sunday I did a boatload of shopping, had lunch with [ profile] cynima, and had dinner with the fam. So the weekend balanced itself out.

I'm feeling rather productive because in the last few days, I have actually done a few things I have been talking about doing for the past month. I'm joining a gym, and on Thursday I have an interview for a volunteer position at the Central Park Zoo. It's a big time commitment but I've just been feeling like I need to be doing something, rather than sitting around thinking about all the things I could be doing or could have done. I hope this proactive energy actually results in something positive. Hopefully a fitter, more active, more fulfilled, and more interesting MD!
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I have never been a big fan of apple pie. As pies go, I always found it kinda boring. But I've finally found an apple pie worth all the hype -- and I made it!

At work, they've been putting out buckets of apples and oranges for us, and when they put out Granny Smiths, I found them too bitter to eat. But they're wonderful for pies. So I stole a few (more like 8) to turn into pie. I figured I'd then bring in the pie, so it didn't constitute stealing, just "repurposing." Today [ profile] albauk and I did the weekly editorial department wine-and-cheese and I served my pie with it. It was a huge hit!

I knew it looked good, I only hoped it tasted as good. And it did. The crust was flaky and melted in your mouth, and the apple filling was of just the right sweetness and consistency. And there was nothing fancy about this pie -- just flour, sugar, baking powder, butter, apples, cinnamon, lemon juice, and some egg on the top for browning. I used the recipe I got from my pie class. It really was better than any other apple pie I've ever had -- though I could be biased. :)

It wasn't really hard to make either -- the crust was the hardest part. It's hard to get it just moist enough without being sticky, and I don't have a very good rolling pin. I found rolling it between sheets of plastic wrap helps. I used my one and only cookie cutter for the shape in the middle. Yay! I'll definitely be making this one again. :)
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Today's class was probably my favorite one in terms of what I made and what the class made overall. The funny thing is that it seems with every class, fewer people showed up, and today only two-thirds of the class was there. Not sure why this is, maybe they give refunds or let you switch classes midway through? Who knows. It's not important. Today we had yet another chef as our instructor. His name was Jordy, he was from Mexico City, and he had a heavy accent that made him hard to understand at first. But he was really helpful and really nice. He was the only instructor we've had so far who didn't go through each recipe carefully, making edits as he chose to. He also had a different style of splitting up the recipes, having each table (there were 2 tables of 5) make 1/2 portions of every recipe. At first I didn't like the idea of having to make a half batch, but I guess it was good to have more people making each recipe. Spread the chance to gain experience and all that. It also gave the opportunity for each person to make one recipe on their own if they chose. Read more... )
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Today was the first in a series of three seafood cooking classes I'm taking at the Institute of Culinary Education (this is where I took the pie class as well). I forgot my camera so camera phone pics have to suffice. It was unlike the pie class as in that class we all paired up and each pair made 2 pies. This time we split into 3 groups and each group made 2 things, but I ended up only making one: red snapper baked en papillot with lime beurre blanc. I enjoyed it though and hope I remember some of what I learned, particularly the stuff about filleting and cutting whole fish. See some pics. )


Aug. 12th, 2007 05:05 pm
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OMG so much pie... )

My pie-making partner only wanted to take home a piece of each of the pies we made, so I came home with most of a cherry pie and a peach almond-crumb pie. Who will help me eat all this pie??
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The cakes have been eaten. The votes have been counted. And I, Meredith, am the cheesecake queen! I won the cheesecake competition against my coworker Grace. We each made strawberry cheesecakes and our colleagues judged us on 4 different categories. I won in overall, and for taste and for smell. We tied for texture. Grace won presentation.

Pictures to follow!
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Today has been mostly dead and thank goodness because I am exhausted. I don't know why, I got 5 hours of sleep, and that's not so bad.

Today [ profile] albauk and I went to the MAC Pro store downtown. I think that some of the MAC employees are deliberately trying to shock you with their outfits and makeup. And then they look at you in this defiant way that says "Am I too much for you? Can you not handle my extreme sense of style?" When it's like, dude, I just want some eye shadow.

I used the MAC gift card my mom gave me for Hannukah and got a bronze lipstick ("O") and silver paint eyeshadow (pixel). Look at me being a sparkly metallic girly-girl.

Then I got a really yummy sandwich from 'Wichcraft. We laughed at how long it took them to put it together, then wrap it in 2 kinds of paper and perfectly crease the bag. It was like that department store scene with Rowan Atkinson in Love Actually. I had no idea 'Wichcraft was started by the same guy who started the Craft and CraftBar restaurants. I had one of the best and fanciest meals I've ever had at CraftBar (and that's supposed to be the less fancy version of Craft!). So the sandwiches and things at 'Wichcraft are very gourmet and very good. I may be walking to Bryant Park in the summer for that.

I had a few things I could do tonight, but I just want to go home and sleepy sleep. I am going hiking tomorrow in Mianus Gorge and need to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for that.
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