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ALL of them.

Contrary to what was known, all octopuses are venomous, a new study finds.

Researchers knew that the blue-ringed octopus packed venom. Now they say all octopuses and cuttlefish, and some squid are venomous. In fact they all share a common, ancient venomous ancestor, the study indicates, and the work suggests new avenues for drug discovery...

The origin of these genes also sheds light on the fundamentals of evolution, presenting a prime example of convergent evolution where species independently develop similar traits.
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I found this in a Yahoo image search for a Kermit icon:

Apparently the girl who makes these toys does them freehand, no pattern. Waaah! Want pattern! Want to knit muppets!!!
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Today has been a good day for finishing up knitting projects. I finished my attempt at a Kate, though I think mine looks more like a peanut with bat ears and no pants. He has a date with Denise's dog, so no worries. :)

Second thing I finished was a hat inspired by one worn by the hike leader on the first Dynamic Outdoors trip I went on. It was basically 2 squares sewn together with cords coming out the top corners. I made mine up based on that. I LOVE IT.

I know I look sort of maniacal in this photo, but it was really hard to get a good one that showed the hat properly!

Best. Hat. Evarrr.

Then I continued to take goofy pictures of myself. Have some. )


Oct. 23rd, 2006 11:17 am
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Yesterday, on the way back from a very nice evening out with [ profile] cynima, I accidentally lost one of my brown armwarmers on the subway. My first thought was oh no! but then I realized I still have plenty of that yarn leftover, so I can make another one. This is a big benefit of knitting, I think. Only thing is, I have to frog the yarn out from an old prototype armwarmer. I don't really know what I'm doing or if there's a certain technique to ripping and re-wrapping the yarn. And ironically, we're back to being freezing at work -- and my hands are cold! I forgot my new wristwarmers at home. :b

I did a lot of knitting this weekend (again), mostly on a bag I'm making out of this ancient skein of K-Mart satelle acrylic that my coworker gave me. It's just the kind of scratchy acrylic yarn that knitters hate, but I love the color. It's a vibrant lawn green, colorful but not flashy. I figured a bag would be perfect for it since it won't matter how it feels against your skin. I'm making a slightly scaled-down version of Zeeby's Bag from the first Stitch n' Bitch book. I'm also thinking about putting something like a big flower on it, something like that on the Flower Power Sweater in Stitch n' Bitch Nation. I also want to make the handles, pocket, and maybe the bottom and gusset sides in a contrasting color, like orange. Or maybe something more earthy, hmm. It'll have to be with a similar "nasty" acrylic yarn though. Shouldn't be too hard to find.

I've been wishing lately that I had some sort of knitting group to share ideas with and learn things from. I went to the SnB at the Point once and there were so many people there and it seemed a bit cliquey. I know there are several knitters on my LJ friends list -- would any of you have any interest in getting together once or twice a month (more or less) to knit, drink coffee (or beer!), and chat? I think it would be fun and relaxing.


Oct. 15th, 2006 12:52 am
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Today (well, yesterday) was the first "cold weather" day of the season. Goodbye summer, hello winter. Much as I hate to see the summer go (yeah, I'm a fan), autumn is a nice season too. Bring on the flannel sheets and wool sweaters! Today I finished my latest earflap hat (I will not lose this one!) and I'm feeling like I need to find something else to knit ASAP. It's just that kind of weather.

Since today was one of the first days in awhile where I had nothing to do, no plans, and no work, it was time for a cooking project. I just made the most delicious butternut squash soup with apple cider and roasted garlic. Yum. I used my new oven for the first time to roast the squash, garlic, and onions, and it was a bit messy to make but so worth it.

I'm also enjoying the playoffs--and I'm so happy for the Tigers. I think it's hard not to be moved by seeing a team win a championship (unless it's the Yankees, heh). Last night's game was pretty exciting if ultimately disappointing. Right now we're down by 3. But the game is young! Let's go Mets!
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SURE, Meredith. Just throw your knitting into your bigass pocketbook, along with your crazy keychain with all the string and beads on it. A ball of angora and a ball of wool will do fine once you shake them up good with your headphone wires. Great idea. Genius. :head smack:

Damn you, entropy! DAMN YOU!
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Campbell's Cream of Tomato Soup + leftover Peep hot sauce = YUM!

I invented a really good sandwich too. Tuna salad with cucumbers and pickled ginger slices. I call it the "sushi sandwich." It would probably be even better with some wasabi in the mayo.

Last night I made Canteen's Macaroni and Cheese from the recipe that Eileen found. It was insanely good and made a ton of food. Even my portion control-challenged family couldn't finish it, and I went home with a casserole dish full (the recipe made two). Am I insane for choosing Thanksgiving week to make this? I think yes.

On Saturday I finished my sweater. Then I pulled it over my head...and my head wouldn't fit through the neck hole! I tried to loosen the binding but only succeeded in partially unraveling the top. If this can't be fixed somehow I will be so upset. I worked so hard on this! And it was supposed to be the sweater that even an idiot could knit. And I only have one more class left.

And finally, my toilet is broken, again. My plumbing SUCKS. I will have to put a sign up in my bathroom telling people not to flush certain objects, like in a public restroom. My landlord hasn't called me back yet. Last time he had to hire an outside plumber to fix it. I'm worried that this time he'll make me pay for it. It's not my fault the plumbing sucks.
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Hello kids, it's Monday morning afternoon and I hate everybody! They've got me reading and re-reading the same tedious stack of business cards and stationery I was working on on Friday. I haven't even had any time to post a short meaningless update to my LJ. Every time I do, someone drops a new revision in front of me. So over it! So I'm ignoring the one that's in front of me right now and posting anyway. Well at least I got paid today.

This weekend, I ate a lot of pasta. Too much. Didn't go to the gym once. On Saturday I had tea with my mom, cousin and aunt at Takashimaya, an upscale Japanese department store on 5th Ave. I never knew the place existed but it was very cool, even if I really couldn't afford to buy anything. Their cafe/tea room is very reasonable though and I tried a sample of a devilishly creamy and decadent $70 cake. Like a mouthful of cream. Then my mother and I went to see Finding Neverland. Definitely a tearjerker, and good, but not a very memorable movie. I was distracted by Johnny Depp's obvious eyeliner. Then we went back to Queens and ate at Pasta Del Giorno. And mom gave me her substantial leftovers to take home.

I thought I'd finally finish putting my sweater together in knitting class but that didn't happen, because apparently the sleeves were not big enough for the body and my teacher had to figure out some tweaks to make them fit. Hopefully next week I will finally actually have a sweater. Seems I was still having gauge issues even though the folks at Purl told me it was fine. I knew it didn't look right! Oh well, it should be okay, if a bit big.

Sunday I lazied around watching the National Geographic channel. Then I went food shopping and made Texas Two-Bean soup. And did laundry. Watched the American Music Awards even though I hate music award shows, just because Clay was going to be on. He presented an award with Kathy Griffen, who came out in a wedding dress asking him to marry her. The nerve! He was a good boy and said no of course. Good fake husband!

And today, [ profile] cynima and I booked our cruise! We're doing the New Orleans/Cozumel one. Now we have to find a flight. And travel insurance, which I don't usually get, but Andrea has convinced me we should. The Carnival agent tried to sell us $99 travel insurance but that seems really expensive for a 5-day trip, doesn't it?
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So I'm working on this hat and the directions say to knit till it's 6 1/2 inches, ending on a WS (wrong side) row. The book says that WS is the purl side. Except I've been doing this hat in all knit. I coulda sworn that's what the book said to do, and I could swear that's how I did it last time. The book is at home so I can't double check, but now I'm scared that I've been working in all knit (garter stitch) when I was supposed to be working in stockinette (knit/purl)! Is there such thing as a WS if you're working in all knit? Yeah I know most of you have no idea what I'm talking about. And I'm fairly certain I can make something out of this anyway even if I did mess up. But it's really bothering me! If I find out that I made not one but two hats in the wrong stitch...OY.


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