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I am really failing at Halloween this year. I never even bought a pumpkin. Usually I get a little one to make a jack-o-lantern out of for Halloween night.

Tomorrow I have to go to a training seminar all morning. This annoys me because Halloween is the one day all year I can wear my horns to work. I have a feeling they won't appreciate the horns over at Pfizer. Hey, I just got an idea...I should go as Viagra! I got the horns, now what? I can wear blue and tape fair balance to myself. (That's the fine print about the 4-hour erection and going blind. :p) Folks at Pfizer will LOVE it. Of course, it will seem a bit dated to anyone who doesn't know what I do for a living.

I saw Zack and Miri Make a Porno tonight. Really cute! Lots of laughs. If you want a lighthearted comedy, and we could all use one these days, I recommend. I'm such a dork though. Miri seems to be wearing a different hat and scarf combo in every scene. It's making me want to get all my different homemade hats and scarves out now. Yarn pron!
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I have not done one of these in awhile, but I just had to give a shout out to Trader Joe's dried peaches. OMG. These things are awesome. I will never need gummy candy ever again. Nor will I have to pay umpteen dollars a pound for candied peaches like I did at Russ and Daughters (though I still love that shop). At 99 cents a bag, these delicious, natural, vegan treats are an incredible bargain. They do have sugar added, but they're also packed with fiber and vitamin C. I need to go back and stock up. Score another one for TJ. I give them a 9 out of 10. (They lose one point for coming all the way from China. I'm sure dried Georgia peaches would taste as good.)

Not much else to tell. I did a whole lot of nothing on Saturday. Well, I did watch Fast Food Nation and Accepted -- both decent, interesting/fun flicks (repectively). FFN didn't have any sort of resolution, which was strange. I liked Accepted better than Superbad, which I also watched last week. I've been watching quite a lot of movies lately. Then on Sunday I did a boatload of shopping, had lunch with [ profile] cynima, and had dinner with the fam. So the weekend balanced itself out.

I'm feeling rather productive because in the last few days, I have actually done a few things I have been talking about doing for the past month. I'm joining a gym, and on Thursday I have an interview for a volunteer position at the Central Park Zoo. It's a big time commitment but I've just been feeling like I need to be doing something, rather than sitting around thinking about all the things I could be doing or could have done. I hope this proactive energy actually results in something positive. Hopefully a fitter, more active, more fulfilled, and more interesting MD!
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I just wanted to mention here that I really liked Across the Universe, which I saw with [ profile] cynima this weekend. In fact, I think I like it the more I reflect on it. I saw it Sunday night and that I'm still thinking about it on Tuesday night means it must have really gotten to me. I've never been really into the Beatles, though of course I respect them enormously, and after I visited Liverpool in May I became much more interested in them than I ever have before. After seeing this movie it is clear to me how woefully limited my Beatles experience has been. Their sound is so varied and there are so many songs I didn't even realize were theirs (Helter Skelter, for instance -- I only knew the Motley Crue version). Now I'm listening to several of their albums and it's amusing to see how many Beatles songs and song references were wedged into that movie.

I thought the movie was visually exquisite; the actors were all very appealing, visually and aurally; I liked story too, even though it was similar to that of the musical Hair. I knew the movie had gotten mixed reviews but I hadn't read any of them. I still haven't, because now that I've seen the movie and liked it, what does it matter what the critics thought? I think I'll buy it on DVD when it comes out.
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Tonight I finally watched Miss Potter, the film about Beatrix Potter that I've been wanting to see since I knew I was taking a trip to the Lake District in May. This woman was amazing. She was strong and smart and independent and before her time. And Renee Zellweger is pretty fantastic portraying her. Now I want to be a successful children's book author and live on and preserve picturesque farms in the Lake District. Sadly, I cannot draw and I am not English. I shall have to make my legacy some other way.
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I'm feeling not so eloquent but I feel I should post about what I've been doing the past few days...I saw 2 Broadway plays in 3 days, and for under $100, which is rare for me and quite cool. One was Talk Radio with Liev Schreiber, which I saw with [ profile] cynima last Thursday. I liked it a lot, very compelling and funny, a good combination, and Liev is of course great. And on Saturday I saw Translations, a Brian Friel play about the Anglicization of Ireland (meaning how the English went in and decided to rename everything in English instead of Gaelic) and how they started to take control of Ireland right before the Potato Famine of the mid-1800s. I went with my mom and enjoyed that too; even if it wasn't a lighthearted play, I found the topic interesting, and the set design was cool. After the play there was a discussion with some of the actors and an NYU professor of Irish culture, moderated by Angela Pietropinto, a woman who seems to keep popping up randomly in my life -- she was on an episode of Another World that Andrea appeared in and she spoke to my acting class in high school once. You may remember her as the mom in Welcome to the Dollhouse.

I also watched two movies this weekend: Babel and The Science of Sleep. I didn't love either one of them. Babel was another one of those Crash-type movies with lots of different people from different backgrounds and how their lives come together in various tragic ways. I thought the Japanese part was the best. I'm not very familiar with modern Japanese culture but the movie certainly made it look like those kids have a great social culture. (Then again, the same could be said for American teen movies.) As for the latter movie...well artistically it was cool, but I didn't completely get the point of it, and it didn't really have an ending.

I was pretty geared up for the Oscars this year, having seen most of the movies nominated for best picture, plus it seemed like this year there was no clear front runner and an upset could happen. But all the winners were exactly as predicted it seemed, with the exception being that Pan's Labyrinth didn't win best foreign film. It cleaned up in the art categories though, which is fair. Overall though, I have to say, with a few exceptions, that this year's Oscar telecast was one of the most boring and unfunny ones ever. I don't want to blame Ellen Degeneres, because she isn't the only one writing the jokes, but where *were* the jokes? Will Ferrell and Jack Black's song and Seinfeld's routine were the only saving graces. I also wish they played longer clips from each movie.

It's slushy and slippery and generally gross outside, I didn't get enough sleep and I feel very much blah this morning. This Sunday is the Woodside St. Patrick's Day parade. It's going to be my first one, anyone wanna come with? I'm also looking forward to the actual St. Paddy's Day parade in NYC, which is on a Saturday this year, which means there's an opportunity for much merrymaking if anyone wants to join me for that.
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Okay, I finished watching the movie and I didn't hate it. No, I never sympathized with "Andy"--how could I when she had everything going for her, even when it seemed she didn't? But overall it was a decent flick I suppose. The fact is, lots of TV shows and movies like to portray "down and out" young people the way they do on shows like Friends. Reality is that most people do not have big apartments in hip neighborhoods, or trendy jobs, or model-hot boyfriends. This is not reality and I should not compare myself to it, nor should anyone. I am happy with my career, my little Queens studio, and occasionally even my long-distance quasi-boyfriend, when I let myself be. Don't ask me why I needed to watch this movie to declare this, I just did.
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Okay, I really never had much interest in seeing The Devil Wears Prada. But I'm bored and for some reason was seized with the interest to see some Oscar-nominated movies/performances, and it was available on On Demand, so I bought it. Not five minutes of this movie have passed and I'm fuming, so much so that I went to the computer and signed on just to vent.

Okay, I get it, this girl is no fashion mag princess, she is not glamourous, she is not frou frou. But she has an apartment in in the Lower East Side, her boyfriend is Adrien Grenier (who seems to be a cook or a chef or something at this point, and probably in the trendy sense), she went to an expensive school, and we're supposed to be seeing her as what? A normal, boring every day run-of-the-mill one-of-us? Fine. I will try to suspect disbelief to the extent that I can pretend she has roaches in her apartment, and know they don't cast unpretty girls in lead roles in movies like this, and I can pretend that she is somehow awkward (though she clearly is not), but the breaking point for me came in the scene where she's talking to Meryl Streep's Anna Wintour character and she actually utters the words "I know I'm not skinny." EXCUSE ME??????? She's a fucking STICK. I know Hollywood tries to insult our intelligence all the time, but to make Anne Hathaway actually utter those words disgusted me. But I already paid for this piece of crap, so I could see Meryl Streep be delightfully bitchy, so I guess I will just root for the bitchy editor and not the supposedly poor, lowly, ugly fat girl. Ugh.
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Wow, this Pan's Labyrinth movie looks amazing. I'm definitely dragging Nathan to see it with me! :)


Jul. 18th, 2006 10:09 am
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It is FREEZING BUTTCRACK COLD in here. I've got my armwarmers and my hot tea but jeez people! Why must we bake or freeze? Is there no happy medium? One of my colleagues said she thinks it's so we won't dress too scantily in the office. :p

I should probably be working now but FEH I'm instead going to tell you about my new backpack. I went to Paragon with [ profile] albauk yesterday and bought one of these. I had totally not planned on buying a pack yesterday, but I've been thinking about getting one for years now, and there was a sale, and and and... It was a good deal, really. I saved over $50 from the regular price.

Question now is, am I bringing this to the festival? If I bring this bag as my main trip bag, should I also bring a smaller bag? Is it worth it to bring a big pack if I'm going to need to carry another bag anyway? Should I put the pack in my big wheely duffle bag and just wear the pack to the festival? Will they let me into the festival wearing a pack that big? Even if they don't, I guess Shosh or one of the guys can carry it back to their campsite for me. It's not SOOO very big really. I know we can't bring booze into the festival though. I wonder if that means I am going to have to get one of them to take stuff back to the campsite anyway. ARGH. But you know, it's a good argh, as arghs go.

After our pack-buying extravaganza (Shosh got one too) we went to see X-Men 3 and it was fun. I can't believe it's taken me 2 months to see it. Now I have to see Pirates of the Caribbean 2. I may be the only person I know who doesn't care about seeing Superman Returns.
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I saw the most recent Pride and Prejudice last night. It was my first-ever Jane Austen experience (not counting Clueless and Bridget Jones' Diary). I bought the book in London years ago and I didn't get very far with it. All the prim-and-proper Englishness and the whole "society" thing just didn't hold my interest. So I figured maybe I'd be better off just watching the movie. Everyone tells me the Colin Firth version is the one I should see, and I do want to see it because how can you not love him?. But my mom rented the new one and so I watched it with her and my dad last night.

After the first 15 minutes my mother congratulated me on not having already walked away. I completely understood. A bunch of girls giggling about the new man in town and pleading with daddy to meet him was pretty darned annoying. Especially when one of them is Jena Malone. (And can I just say, again, what the hell is it with Jena Malone ALWAYS playing the little tart? So this time it was with a British accent. What range she has. :p) But I stuck with it because I was beginning to see the appeal of this story. Elizabeth is smart, spunky and before her time with her lack of boy-craziness and her reluctance to marry. I saw a lot of myself in her. Sometimes it's easier to look at all the guys out there and not be impressed by any of them because you feel like you're better than all that. But at the same time it's a defense mechanism against getting hurt. And Mr. Darcy is the same. Elizabeth and Darcy are stubborn and willful, and those couples are always the most compelling, aren't they? The old Han Solo/Princess Leia thing. You hate each other because you love each other. It's passion and it's what we all want.

I do see why people said Keira Knightley was too pretty for this role. If Elizabeth had been less than stunning, it would have been more poignant. And without even having seen Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy, I could envisage him over the other actor the whole time, and it made me want to see him even more. But I like KK and thought she did the role justice.

So I'm not exactly a Jane Austen convert, but I still thought it was a decent movie. I loved the scenery and all the big huge trees that probably don't really exist in England anymore. But I'm glad I don't live in that time. If you weren't lucky like Elizabeth and didn't find your perfect match in a wealthy man like Mr. Darcy, you were pretty much Teh Screwed!
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Hello kids, it's Monday morning afternoon and I hate everybody! They've got me reading and re-reading the same tedious stack of business cards and stationery I was working on on Friday. I haven't even had any time to post a short meaningless update to my LJ. Every time I do, someone drops a new revision in front of me. So over it! So I'm ignoring the one that's in front of me right now and posting anyway. Well at least I got paid today.

This weekend, I ate a lot of pasta. Too much. Didn't go to the gym once. On Saturday I had tea with my mom, cousin and aunt at Takashimaya, an upscale Japanese department store on 5th Ave. I never knew the place existed but it was very cool, even if I really couldn't afford to buy anything. Their cafe/tea room is very reasonable though and I tried a sample of a devilishly creamy and decadent $70 cake. Like a mouthful of cream. Then my mother and I went to see Finding Neverland. Definitely a tearjerker, and good, but not a very memorable movie. I was distracted by Johnny Depp's obvious eyeliner. Then we went back to Queens and ate at Pasta Del Giorno. And mom gave me her substantial leftovers to take home.

I thought I'd finally finish putting my sweater together in knitting class but that didn't happen, because apparently the sleeves were not big enough for the body and my teacher had to figure out some tweaks to make them fit. Hopefully next week I will finally actually have a sweater. Seems I was still having gauge issues even though the folks at Purl told me it was fine. I knew it didn't look right! Oh well, it should be okay, if a bit big.

Sunday I lazied around watching the National Geographic channel. Then I went food shopping and made Texas Two-Bean soup. And did laundry. Watched the American Music Awards even though I hate music award shows, just because Clay was going to be on. He presented an award with Kathy Griffen, who came out in a wedding dress asking him to marry her. The nerve! He was a good boy and said no of course. Good fake husband!

And today, [ profile] cynima and I booked our cruise! We're doing the New Orleans/Cozumel one. Now we have to find a flight. And travel insurance, which I don't usually get, but Andrea has convinced me we should. The Carnival agent tried to sell us $99 travel insurance but that seems really expensive for a 5-day trip, doesn't it?
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I should not be up! I should be getting a good night's sleep and then waking up early to go to the gym before [ profile] cynima and I go shopping tomorrow. I've lost a few pounds over the course of my trip and all and really don't need them back. And the urge to shovel food into my piehole is a great. Today my parents took me on a very happy-making trip - to Trader Joe's, an earth-crunchy healthfood grocery store that I know has been around in the country for awhile but I think has only recently surfaced on Long Island. I love food shopping and I really loved this place. I got all sorts of great stuff like buffalo burgers, nitrite-free hot dogs, frozen shelled soybeans and some chocolate pancake mix that I hear is to die for. Only problem is I now have very little money that I have to make stretch for the next 2 weeks. (Yeah, I really should not be shopping tomorrow, but I'm telling myself I'm just going to accompany the wife.)

This morning I got a reply to my profile on a certain online dating service that I only joined because I was bored, and it's from a guy who I met at Tracy's wedding this summer who doesn't appear to remember meeting me. It's very amusing but I don't want to embarrass him. I did turn him down at the wedding. :-P I winked back hoping he'd suddenly realize, but he didn't - now he thinks I'm interested! So I found one of his email addresses and just sort of coyly said, What, you don't remember me?

The other happy email I received today was from Nathan. Yay. :-)

Denise came over and we watched Love Actually. I liked it overall. Some very cute moments and I am in bigtime Anglophile mode right now. But I could totally see why someone wouldn't like it. Parts of it were definitely absurd.
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I'm through 5 days' worth of penicillin and though I feel fine, I still have a white spot on my tonsil. In 4 days I leave for a vacation in which I will be sharing very close quarters with 30 people for over a week. I must say I'm a bit concerned. The doctor said I would be considerably less contagious after the first 48 hours. He said I could even cook dinner for someone else, provided I wash my hands well. I don't know whether that means all my symptoms were supposed to be gone by then too. But like I said, I feel fine. I finally got around to making my parents their anniversary dinner (a month late) tonight. It went very well. Mom liked everything, and she's the hardest to please. The baked chicken hoisin buns from this month's Cooking Light were a big hit.

This is the longest time I've gone without updating in awhile. What have I done, hmm...Friday, I went to Middletown for Cherene's birthday (hello Ricky-husband!), stayed over at Denise's, didn't get enough sleep, came back, went out with Emily and saw Vanity Fair last night (decent movie, lovely sets and costumes, and I like Reese Witherspoon, though she looked very pregnant throughout). Ron Livingston (of Office Space fame) walked past us on St. Mark's Place. He looked sort of...crazy. Maybe he was having a conversation with someone and I just spotted him at an awkward moment. But it was a fun casual celebrity siting. Funny how Sex and the City actors are some of the most spotted around town. I saw Sarah Jessica Parker last year and I hear Chris Noth regularly rides the subway.

Tom Welling looks like a Greek god in the new Smallville poster...but when doesn't he? :-) Oh that reminds me, I watched the pilot of Jack and Bobby that came on a free DVD in EW last week. Didn't really like it. It was like a WB afterschool special. And I hate the bitchy girl who's Jack's love interest. Does being a mean judgemental bitch really turn guys on? Christine Lahti is good though. Maybe it will get better; sometimes these shows take a while to get their bearings.

Babbling now...good night!

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