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After 2 shows and a trip to Scotland, I have finally come around to Frightened Rabbit. It often happens with me that no matter how much I'm told that a band is good, I will only come around to them when I am ready. Which is usually fairly late in the game. I'd say after seeing them twice (once last week) and hearing 2 people say it's *the* band to listen to while traveling through Scotland, it's pretty late. My feelings about the Bowery show were that it was just okay, and the only songs I enjoyed were the more upbeat ones that I remembered hearing on shuffle on my mp3 player ("Old Old Fashioned" and "Keep Yourself Warm"). Then, after the show, I decided to give it another listen. Without even really meaning for it to be, the album's been on repeat ever since. Then, listening to it today while at work (yes, at work, on a Saturday), I finally really *heard* the words of "Backwards Walk," and upon feeling my stomach emotionally implode with empathy, felt the need to announce that yes, Frightened Rabbit is pretty feckin' awesome. And even though I wasn't listening to it while traveling through the Highlands, when I hear "Floating in the Forth," I can see the mountains and the frost-covered trees, and the signs pointing to the Forth Road Bridge. Better late than never.
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A teaser, these are some of the best pictures taken with my cheapy disposable cameras. They're not very good quality, but it's something.
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