Aug. 3rd, 2009 03:19 pm
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Lamentations about my life direction aside...I had a pretty great weekend. I slept. I read. I cleaned. I knitted. I hermitted for 2 days as the weather outside changed from rainy to sunny to rainy to sunny again. I..wai jus one damn minue. he buon on my keyboard for he leer ha comes afer s has jus sopped workin! his pos will reurn once I have his hin fixed!

[20 minutes later]...And I'm back, with shiny new keyboard that I sort of stole...there was a miso soup incident earlier that finally caught up with me...but enough about that. Things I did this weekend. Anyway, one of the things I wanted to talk about was PBS. I watched a lot of it this weekend, so much that I actually did throw them a few bucks in response to their ubiquitous pledge drive. First was the concert for Pete Seeger's 90th birthday, which I had been interested in seeing at MSG when it happened in I think May, so it was very nice to be able to watch it on TV. Pete Seeger is not just a folk writer and singer but an activist for some really cool causes, a guy who truly practices what he preaches. He lives in a home in upstate NY that he built himself; for such a successful guy he lives very modestly and you get the sense that they make everything they can themselves. The concert itself had many great artists like Ani Difranco, the Wainrights, Joan Baez, John Mellencamp, and Dave Matthews. Really enjoyable. That was Saturday.

On Sunday, while cleaning my house (or making my best attempt) I was flipping channels and came across Chess in Concert, which caught my eye because of Idina Menzel, and also starred Josh Groban and Adam Pascal, in addition to some other very talented actors I had never heard of before. I had a vague knowledge of the musical Chess, like that it was a musical and it had to be a bit weird since the 80s pop hit "One Night in Bangkok" is from it, but I didn't know it was written by Tim Rice and the guys from ABBA, and I had no idea how fucking good the music in it is. Maybe it's never been done before with such talented performers, but I was quickly transfixed, and recorded it and later rewatched it with my family. If you are a fan of musical theater, it is a must-see. The actors performed the show "concert" style, which I guess means it wasn't a full-scale stage show, but it looked like one to me. The amazing thing is that they had about a week to rehearse it before this one-time performance at the Royal Albert Hall in London. I have never seen Josh Groban before in a theater context, I always just thought of him singing cheesy inspirational pop music, but he was amazing in this. I also recognized more songs from the show than I expected to, like "I Know Him So Well." It's on DVD; go rent it, seriously.
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I hadn't really been giving it much thought, but I guess I should say something about tonight being the final episode of ER. I think I am one of the only people, certainly the only person I know, who has watched the show consistently for all 15 years. Even when it was hard to watch, even when the episodes would pile up on my DVR and I would dread watching them, because they could be very upsetting, I watched them.

The reason I initially started watching ER is because my mother told me that my cousin, or more specifically, her first cousin's stepson, was on it. I remember telling my friend Diane that my cousin played someone named Dr. Carter I think, and she flipped. I ended up getting her an autographed photo of Noah Wyle, which is funny because I never got one for myself and to this day I have not met the guy.

I think it was my sophomore year of college that my ER obsession peaked. I remember how no one could call me when the show was on. I don't even remember what was going on in the show at that time but it must have been the show's hayday, with all the original actors, including George Clooney, who was not new to me because I remembered him as Sela Ward's murdered boyfriend Falconer on Sisters. What I loved about ER then was that you really never knew what was going to come next. You could see a character once and never again, or they could be back next week. If someone came into the ER with a headache, they really might just have a headache, or it could be an aneurysm; you just never knew. That's one of the things that the show really lost as it went on. In the later years, the foreshadowing was like an anvil. And the characters, the poor main characters. Some of them went through so much horror you wonder how an actual person could go on after dealing with it. Drug addictions, murders, cancer, loss of children and spouses, horrific accidents, and every possible love triangle in the book. It's about time the show ended so that these poor people can finally get some rest!

The show has changed so much since it started in 1994. Heck, my life has changed so much! 15 years later, Diane is an ER doctor herself. And Noah Wyle has been the most consistently present character on the show, with the most episodes of any of the ER actors. I wonder what he'll go on to do. I wonder if I'll ever get to meet him! I'm sure he's happy to move on. It is about time. But thank you ER, you were, overall, a pretty great show.

*Added after watching: Nothing particularly sad happened at the end, but I still cried. Even if it was time for this show to be over. It's been on for almost half my life.
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So, the news today is that TR Knight is leaving Grey's Anatomy. I could really care less. Right now I don't think any of the characters has a very good storyline. But it reminded me of one particular storyline that is driving me crazy and I'm wondering what my friends think about it. Izzy and Denny's Ghost. What the heck???? For one episode I might have accepted it, as some statement on Izzy's psychology. But now it's being drawn out way too much, and even being used as comedy. It's the most downright jump-the-shark crap I've ever seen. I know that Katherine Heigl was unhappy with her character's storyline last year. But does she really consider this an improvement? If I were her, I would have thrown that script back at them and laughed in the writers' faces, until I realized they were actually serious.

I just want to add this because I think the TWOP reviewer said it best:

Personally, I can pinpoint this as the exact moment this show jumped the shark. I got through Meredith's dying, Bailey's out-of-thin-air marital problems and all sorts of annoying and ridiculous storylines, but this is just too much for me. And the writers trying to sell us on this being a great love triangle and a brilliant idea just makes me angry. Denny died. His character is gone. I'm sorry that he was a good character and maybe that was a mistake, but that's the choice that was made. So having him come back to follow Izzie around, smirk sexily and then bed her is absolutely ridiculous to me. One thing I liked about this show from the beginning was its portrayal of all sorts of relationships and how nothing is ever black and white (hence the name), good people can be stupid, here are situations you could find yourself in, etc. But ghost sex is for a daytime soap. Ghost sex is completely out of the realm of believability. Ghost sex is a cheap way to bring back a good character and, by the way? Bringing Denny back and keeping him around in such an idiotic storyline is making me not like him so much anymore, which I hate. Because at least with him dying, I had the nice memory of a character that I loved. That is fading really, really fast with this garbage.
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I saw possibly - no, definitely - the weirdest music video I have ever seen tonight. If anyone else has seen Billy Ocean's "Loverboy" video, you will know what I'm talking about. Something like this could only be a product of the 1980's. It was on VH1 Classic's We Are the '80s.

I don't even know where to begin to describe it, but here goes. It's a Star Wars ripoff, with Mr. Ocean wearing a Skywalker-esque outfit, singing about how he wants to be your loverboy. But he only provides the background music as we watch a "man" with the head of an iguana ride on a medieval-decorated horse to a place that is a cross between the Mos Eisley Canteena and Jabba's palace. It is filled with some of the most disturbing-looking, cheesy, badly costumed "alien" freaks I have ever seen. Our hero, Lizardman, spots a "woman" - think the girl gelfling in The Dark Crystal - and, licking his "lips" lasciviously, decides he must have her. He wants to be her loverboy. Yes, this is even more disturbing than you're imagining. Meanwhile, Billy Ocean is singing from inside a cube or one of those spinning flat squares like the bad guys in Superman 2 while fake Jawas worship him. Lizardman kills the girl's horrifying creature date, forcefully drags her out of the place, where she willingly gets on his horse, and they ride down the beach, probably off to his Lizardman-lair where they will get their interspecies Lizard-man/Gelfling-woman freak on.

And the worst part? I tried to tape this trainwreck, but it didn't work.


Dec. 2nd, 2004 11:45 am
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Last night's episode of Lost was really good. And I'm swallowing a horse pill of pride when I say that Emilie de Ravin's character and her story are actually quite compelling. Lesson here is that an actor's performance is totally subjective based on how good the writing is and the directing is. I can actually watch her on Lost and not think about Tess. I never thought I'd see the day. And random guy on the island who wasn't on the plane - CREE-PY. But I too was like, hey, wasn't Dominic Monaghan's character just going through drug withdrawal last week? And he's all fine and dandy now?

This may be obnoxious of me to say, but I hope if a guy ever buys me diamonds, they do not come from Zales or Kay. :-P

I think everyone's just going to get baked goods for Hannukah. Which I am so not ready for (it's next week). I see no point in putting myself further into hock for stuff no one really needs. I'm sorry.
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[livejournal.com profile] cynima already beat me to posting about the new show "life as we know it" (I'm writing it all in lowercase since that's how it shows on my DVR TV guide) so I better do it now. I had never heard of this show, but I saw a commercial for it while watching Jeopardy and thought it looked like it was worth checking out.

It's kinda long )
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So in answer to what I know you were wondering all night long, "What did MD end up watching?" I watched the first half hour of Smallville, then switched over to Lost for a few minutes, then switched back to Smallville when Denise called to tell me Tom Welling was wearing a white t-shirt, and so when the hour was up I felt like I hadn't really watched anything at all. Smallville did not disappoint in being disappointing, as usual. While I don't hate the Lois Lane character, she's not supposed to be there, and there's no reason for her to be there, and I'm not even a comic book person but it's annoying me that now she and Clark Kent are going to have some flirtation which is totally wrong because they're not supposed to meet till Clark starts working at the Daily Planet. There's just no reason for her to be there! They already had plenty of good worthwhile characters, and instead they decided to ship them off or blow them up. And then concentrate on Lana. Enough overly drawn out sequences where the camera does its damndest to boff Kristen Kreuk! Why are people who make TV so friggin stupid??? It's all about Lex and Clark, it only needs to be about Lex and Clark, Lana is going nowhere, Lana is washed up, no one cares, and it's not Lois' time yet. There was one part where Mama Kent screams at Clark, "Destiny?! No! I want my son back!" or something like that. I couldn't help think she was echoing Roswell fans everywhere.

My friend Entertainment Weekly likes to send me random stuff sometimes, like movie sneak previews and color ads (they sent me a beautiful Tom Welling pic last year). Well I came home from my vacation to find they had sent me a survey on their Apprentice issue (which I barely read) along with $2 as an incentive. Just two crisp $1 bills. Funny. I may or may not actually fill it out. It's long and they should know I have no attention span.

I came back to work to find lots of changes are going on here. Cute elfen boy Patrik is gone. Bob is leaving as of Friday. A bunch of annoying copy changes happened on a bunch of ads while I was gone but then we find out today that the whole account may not be around for much longer (well, that's a good thing). Change is weird! But I'm oddly hopeful.
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I'm through 5 days' worth of penicillin and though I feel fine, I still have a white spot on my tonsil. In 4 days I leave for a vacation in which I will be sharing very close quarters with 30 people for over a week. I must say I'm a bit concerned. The doctor said I would be considerably less contagious after the first 48 hours. He said I could even cook dinner for someone else, provided I wash my hands well. I don't know whether that means all my symptoms were supposed to be gone by then too. But like I said, I feel fine. I finally got around to making my parents their anniversary dinner (a month late) tonight. It went very well. Mom liked everything, and she's the hardest to please. The baked chicken hoisin buns from this month's Cooking Light were a big hit.

This is the longest time I've gone without updating in awhile. What have I done, hmm...Friday, I went to Middletown for Cherene's birthday (hello Ricky-husband!), stayed over at Denise's, didn't get enough sleep, came back, went out with Emily and saw Vanity Fair last night (decent movie, lovely sets and costumes, and I like Reese Witherspoon, though she looked very pregnant throughout). Ron Livingston (of Office Space fame) walked past us on St. Mark's Place. He looked sort of...crazy. Maybe he was having a conversation with someone and I just spotted him at an awkward moment. But it was a fun casual celebrity siting. Funny how Sex and the City actors are some of the most spotted around town. I saw Sarah Jessica Parker last year and I hear Chris Noth regularly rides the subway.

Tom Welling looks like a Greek god in the new Smallville poster...but when doesn't he? :-) Oh that reminds me, I watched the pilot of Jack and Bobby that came on a free DVD in EW last week. Didn't really like it. It was like a WB afterschool special. And I hate the bitchy girl who's Jack's love interest. Does being a mean judgemental bitch really turn guys on? Christine Lahti is good though. Maybe it will get better; sometimes these shows take a while to get their bearings.

Babbling now...good night!

Okay, maybe not...meme below )


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